less mind, more moment

Just Why?


I’m a normal person, lucky enough to be born into a sure and save environment in Middle Europe. I have a good job, I try to fill my free time with as much value and/or fun things and actions as possible and I try to treat my body, -that luckily never let me down-, as I should. I try to eat healthy and I try to get to some kind of stable consciousness in my mind.

I’m also trying to get a kind of substance (not drugs) in my life.

On my journey I had some epiphanies. I always had in mind how cool it would be to share them with other people. The obvious reason is that, -and I try to be onest with you here-, if you achieve some experience you just WANT TO SHARE IT with other people. And I know from the experiment of writing a diary, that some things sink in more if you write them down, because you have to order your thoughts before putting them to paper, or in this case, to bits and bytes.

The other more altruistic reason is that YOU, dear reader, maybe can get some value or inspiration out of this.

Of course there are some problems.  First you never reach the people, who should read some experience reports about taking over your live, because they usually are not the kind of blog reading persons anyway. Second, people who are into this find plenty of material at YouTube and other sources, which undoubtedly are better than mine at the moment. But it’s all about progress, isn’t it?

What will you find here? First I will drop some insights in text form. Later on I will try to do some videos too.

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